Round Table TV Shows

WWII & Korea Round Table

Paul, Patricia, & Bill’s WWII & Korean War Round Table Discussion

Paul Fouts, Patricia Rhodes, & Bill Whitten talk about what they remember from their service in WWII and the Korean War. Filmed in Dallas, Texas 3/30/2017

WWII Round Table

Paul, Jay, & Cecil’s WWII Round Table Discussion

Paul Fouts, Jay Fichtner, & Cecil Glass reminisce on their time in WWII. Filmed in Dallas, Texas 3/09/17

WWII Round Table

Jim, Bert, Len, & Al’s WWII Round Table Discussion

CLICK HERE to see Bert’s Amazing Excerpt of him playing drums! Bert Kraft, Al Binko, Len Steglich, & Jim Fassett recall and discuss their service in WWII. Filmed in Dallas, Texas 2/21/17

NFL Round Table

NFL – Round Table

Featuring Byron Williams, Rodney Forsett (Justin Forsett’s Father), Ryan Moats, Javiar Collins, & Cliff Odom. Filmed in 2015

Korean War Round Table

Round Table – Korean War

Featuring Dan Pak, Thane Deal, & Walt McGinnis. Taped May 2015