Generations Broadcast Center started with an idea...

Preserving the legacy of memory through untold stories from people across time, so that they would never be lost. Dedicated to exploring the rich heritage of tradition, of forgotten moments, unforgettable events in history, heart warming stories, and arduous journeys; Generations Broadcast Center is an anthology of experiences from those who have come before us. It is the common thread of life that connects us all.

The stories we collect are treasured by friends and strangers alike. Among the anecdotes, there are events from World War II experiences, the Great Depression, and life details from every decade, from the 1900's to the present, told by people who lived these stories.

The site is based on Scott Farber’s inspiration. Farber has been CEO of SF Media Consultants Inc. for thirty years, but he has also harbored another life passion.

“For 20 years, I’ve been talking about the importance of taking down people’s stories,” said Farber. The desire began, he said, when he was a young anchorman in his 20s.

“I kept bumping into people with extraordinary family histories: a friend in Chicago whose parents were Holocaust survivors, a lady whose grandparents were slaves and whose son was in Johnny Carson’s band,” said Farber. He started craving information about people’s lives. Finally, he looked to his own family and videotaped his father.

Years later, Farber produced an award-winning documentary “Lest We Forget,” interviewing ten veterans of World War II. He edited in part of his father’s earlier videotape. The documentary was such an overwhelming success that he decided to create the separate ongoing website, “” .

His ultimate appeal hits the heart of the matter: “When they are gone, their stories are gone.”

Scott Speech

The Founder of Generations Broadcast Center, Scott Farber, is also a public speaker, and can come to your community to speak about the importance of preserving oral histories.


You can reach Scott about speaking engagements at

Watch our award winning WWII Documentaries, ‘Lest We Forget’, featuring 10 wily WWII Veterans and ‘I Survived The Holocaust Death Camps: Marian’s Story’.

Both films were inspirations for this web site.

To view these films, go to the Documentaries page and they are listed under “Feature Films.”

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